Start making money online with Whiteboard animations

There are many ways you can make money online as a freelancer. You can choose to start as a graphic designer, a voice over artist, a writer, an SEO specialist, and lots more. But wait! Some of these services do require at least some level of skill and can take a long time to master. You can’t earn a dime online by offering services you don’t know how to deliver.
While some of the services you can offer for money do require some skills, there are others that can be offered with little or no skill. And hurray! Whiteboard animation is just one of them! Wait! Don’t tell me you don’t know what whiteboard animations are. Well, the video below is an example. I know you must have come across one of its kind while surfing the internet.

Good! Now you know what whiteboard animation videos are. Can you imagine creating one by yourself without any hassle in the next 30 minutes? Yes! You can create a cool whiteboard animation easily within the next 30 minutes. They are just so simple to make, and you can start selling these videos to clients worldwide for some money.
Lately, whiteboard animations are on the rise. Their demand has grown significantly over the recent years, as business owners and marketers are always looking for them to illustrate their business ideas and gain clients. And the best thing about whiteboard animations is that clients pay more money to get them done. Simple task, large pay! Some whiteboard animation videos do sell as high as $1000 dollars, while others sell for a lower amount, mainly a $50, $100, $200 and $500. In fact, the price of a whiteboard animation video depends on you (your level of expertise) and your client (some clients pay more than others).

I have personally banked over $2000 creating whiteboard animation videos for clients worldwide during my leisure time. I offer this service mainly on Fiverr platform, as well as on my websites. The demand for these videos is huge, and keeps increasing day after day. So, if you do your game wisely, then you have the potentials to bank a life changing income creating whiteboard animations videos for clients both online and offline.

So, how do I create whiteboard animations easily?
In the past, whiteboard animation videos were created using complicated softwares such as Adobe After Effects, and a good level of expertise is required to achieve that. But now, there are a handful of great softwares that provides an easy interface to create your whiteboard animation videos in a few clicks. These softwares are made in such a way as even a complete beginner who has never even heard of whiteboard videos can make use of them with little or no help. All you need to do is to add images and text, and then you resize, drag, and drop to your desired location. Also, you can add some animations using these softwares.

Below are the top 3 softwares I recommend for beginners in creating a whiteboard animation video. However, most of these softwares are paid ones. You will need to purchase them in order to use. Nevertheless, some do offer a free trial before payment, and you can make use of the opportunity. Then you make payment later, that’s when convinced.
1. Videoscribe
Actually, it was the first software I used to create whiteboard animation videos. You can search Google for more information about it. All you need to do in order to create a whiteboard video with this software is to login, add images (have a default and rich image library) and text, add background music or voice over, then export your HD video ready for use. If I’m not mistake, it cost just $4 for its monthly subscription, which is worth it. You can actually make more than a thousand dollars form that subscription alone if you know your ways.
2. Easysketch Pro
Since when I got my hands on this software, I have been using it to create amazing videos for my clients, and have earned more than $2000 using this software alone. It has a very clean and simple interface, with all control buttons just within your pointer’s reach. You really need to check it out for yourself.
3. VideomakerFx
This software is also handy especially for beginners. You can use it to create both whiteboard animations and explainer videos. It has a lot of templates that can be edited to serve your needs. You can also subscribe to get some of their premium themes. I have once used a premium real estate theme of theirs to create a video for a client. I edited it in less than 15 minutes, and I banked $300 for the video, hands down! The client was really happy with the video, and even tipped me an extra $30 just to show his appreciation.

Well, those are just a few of some of the easiest tools you can use to start creating whiteboard animation videos right away. Be wise, be smart! Take action now, and kick-start your freelance career as a whiteboard animator.