Simple skills you can sell to make money online

Making money online has never been easier. With just a single skill, which can even be learnt overnight, you can draft thousands of dollars into your bank account monthly with ease. Nowadays, to make big bucks online you don’t need to possess some extraordinary or superb skills. With the little you have, clients will be following you every corner to get their jobs done.
Whether you are a programmer, business analyst, marketing specialist, doctor, writer, graphic designer, animator, and so on, you can make money online easily by selling your services to people who require them. Many people do think that in order to make money selling skills online, you would need to possess skills related to web developing, programming, video editing and animation, etc. but they are all wrong. Selling a skill online is just about offering a service that the buyer can’t do, simply because he lacks the knowledge or doesn’t have the time.

As a biologist, yes I’m a biologist! I now earn a full-time income selling some of my skills, most of which I acquired online. I sell animations, graphic design, and writing services. You must be wondering what does a biologist has to do with animations, graphic designing? This is just what I’m trying to explain. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or what you do. What matters is how to satisfy a hungry client. I learnt most of the skills I sell for money online. I made use of all the available tutorials that came my way to perfect my services, and this is just want you need to do. As long as you are offering a valuable service, then you will have clients patronizing you.

I made this post to share some simple skills almost everyone can do. They require just a little level of technical knowledge and can be perfected upon in less than a month. These simple skills sell like a wild fire, and can fill up your bank account spaces in no time. However, these skills are being offered as services by many people online, so you must learn how to make yours stand out, may by a little garnishing.

Writing – This is one of the easiest things you can do to start making money online in less than 30 minutes. However, it has the most setbacks. In order to succeed offering writing services online, you must be able to write a compelling and grammatically correct article. Clients do not accept poorly written articles, and thus won’t pay for it. Ideally, clients hire writers from English speaking countries, or to be more precise, those who have English as their first language. Also, it’s a plus to possess great writing skills.
As a good writer, you will be able to take home a reasonable income, may be a thousand dollars monthly as a beginner, and more as you grow.

Proofreading and Editing – Just as writing, you also need to command great writing skills to achieve this. There are many people online who are looking for professionals to review and edit their articles to be grammatically correct. As long as you can read carefully and spot mistakes and errors, then you can make a good fortune as a proof-reader. It’s a very easy job, as long as you know how to do it.

Translating – This is yet another simple task that can fetch you good amount of money. If you know English and then another language perfectly, then you can offer to translate articles and documents in both languages. Some of the most sort after translation languages are Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Arabic, and Polish. If you can translate any of the languages above to English perfectly and vice-versa, then you can make a good income online from home.

Video testimonials – This service require a little level of skill, and can be done by almost anyone. However, a pretty face is a PLUS. Also, ladies tend to sell more than men, and of course, you know why. Offering video testimonials involves talking fluently to the camera on a particular client’s product or service, revealing to the public why you use his product/service, its unique features, and why they should use it. This is a job that can be completed in less than 10 minutes and would bank you thousands of dollars monthly.

Voice narration – You don’t have to be a voice over artist to succeed in this niche. As long as you have got a nice voice, a quality microphone and sound editor, then you are good to go. You can bank up to $100 to record just 5 minutes of your voice, isn’t that interesting? You can do that over and over again to make 1000s of dollars monthly and easily. It’s a natural skill!

These are just some of the few services you can sell for money. There are hundreds more that you can offer online. But wait! Where do I offer these services online? This is just the question I have been waiting for. There are a good number of freelance websites online that connects freelancers to ready-made clients, those that are willing to spend their money for your service. Some of these websites include,, and All you need to do is visit your freelance website of interest, create your account, follow procedures, and then start selling. As a newbie, I will recommend you join Fiverr, its newbie friendly but has a lot of competition. I started there too!