How to grow your online freelance writing career to success

Every stage of your freelance writing career is equality important. There’s no point in finding few clients and making sales at the start of your career without expanding and aiming for bigger sales. This just doesn’t need to be mentioned. If you are the determined one, immediately you get your first few sales, you will be looking for ways to increase those sales and make more money to your bank account. Yes! That’s what we are writing for. We are writing in exchange for some cool cash, and you know what that means.
Well, enough of the talking. Below are some tips that can help you grow your freelance writing career in no time:

Improve your writing skills – This is very crucial. Most freelance writers started as complete newbies, but grew to become professional writers. And how did they achieve that? They simply improved their writing skills. As a freelance writer, you need to command quality writing skills, as well as a good level of readers comprehension. Improving your writing skills is even more essential, especially if you need to retain the jobs you have at hand. If you fail to do so, your client may decide to reduce your pay or terminate working with you if he finds another freelancer that writes better than you. It happens a lot!

Accept constructive criticisms – Of course! You need to take criticism from your clients and work on your weaknesses. This is what paves way for improvement. Learn to take criticisms from your clients as a form of guideline for future works, and never get discouraged. You need to clear all the obstacles you will encounter and walk your way to the top. And this doesn’t happen overnight! It takes determination and concentration.

Spread your services – This is very important as well. I have seen a lot of freelance writers that have restricted themselves to writing for a single client only. This is what we call a “single-client trap” in the freelancing world. I highly do not recommend this. You might be saying to yourself “but my client pays well, he’s nice, bla bla bla”, but have you ever wondered if there’s someone out there who pays better than him? How about if he stops working with you suddenly and you bounce back to starting point where you were struggling to land a client? I see no reason why you should be putting all your eggs in one basket. You need to spread your services to reach enough prospective clients. Gaining more and more buyers of your service guarantees you growth in no time. You will have better rates and high paying jobs, as well as the opportunity to hand-pick only the best clients.

Be consistent – This is the key to landing return clients. Consistency is essential for long term freelance works. Most people mistake freelancing as a second source of income only, thus failing to give it the best of efforts, but instead take it casually and work only at desired time. For me, consistency is the key to every business growth. Yes! Freelance writing is a business too, and you need to take it seriously. If you are consistent with your freelance writing services, you are guaranteed to get returning clients that can fill up your pocket without the hassle of finding new clients.

Build strong relationship – Its essential that you build a customer relation with all your clients. It’s a great key to success, as the freelance marketplace is flooded with lots of freelance writers that can take your place anytime if you don’t have strong relationships with your clients. But if you have a good one, your client would find it very easy getting back to you with subsequent writing projects, and would feel comfortable trusting the job in your hands