How to establish credibility and become a successful freelance writer

Every day, new freelance writers are getting into the freelance marketplace, and everybody wants to get the highest paying job. Just as you should know, not all of these writers offer quality content. Some are better off as delivery guys, while others should be labourers. No! I’m not trying to mitigate other people’s profession; I’m just trying to say that freelance writing is not for everyone. Most people get attracted into freelance writing just for the money, without considering the fact that they have to offer something of value in return. They don’t even care whether they have the skills and what it takes to carve out great piece of content that a client would be happy to pay for. All they are after is the money. The most important point now is “how do you dissociate yourself from these kinds of freelancers, build a solid reputation, and stand out from the crowd”

Well, no matter how talented you are or how incredible your writing skills are, you will definitely have to go from a helpless struggling beginner to an experienced and successful freelance writer. The journey from a newbie to pro can be so demanding, and requires a lot of effort. This is the reason why you have to stand out of the competition. New writers keep joining the freelance world daily. While some of them are up for the money, some truly regard freelance writing as a profession. If you are the latter, you will then need to build a long-term credibility with your clients in order to become successful.
Below are some tips that can help you enhance your credibility and build you an awesome reputation in the freelance writing industry:

Always meet your jobs deadlines – To most clients, time is money! Some writing jobs are actually outsourced to you not because the client can’t do it, but because they are lacking the time to do it. It is therefore crucial to meet your client’s deadline. This means that you should only take up projects that you are confident to deliver within the stipulated timeline. Try to make sure that you deliver a client’s job on time, and at the same time, without compromising the quality of your work. This alone, can help you gain the trust of all your clients, and that’s more money to your pocket.

Avoid all shortcuts – This is very important. Freelance writers can sometimes be on a tight schedule, with lots of writing jobs waiting at their doorstep. In order to meet deadlines, some freelance writers resort to delivering duplicated content to clients. This is a single act that can destroy your freelance writing career instantly. It will harm your credibility, as clients are bound to be back with negative reviews on your page, website or another platform, and most importantly, they will not offer you a writing job again. So, you need to be extremely careful, and accept only writing jobs you can do at the specified timeline.

Stand out from the crowd/competition – This is particularly important. Have you ever asked yourself why should a client hire you? Remember that you are not the only one offering the same service, but along with millions of other freelance writers. You need to possess a form of superiority over others, and offer a skilled service that you specialize in. Let’s take for instance that other freelance writers are selling a 1000 word article for $50. Then try to offer something different for same or less price, may be a 1000 word article but health and fitness related. That’s more specialization, and it shows that you are an authority in the subject. Instead of a client buying a health and fitness articles from other sellers, they will buy from you as they feel you have what it takes to write a better content for them.

Go online – You might be that efficient freelance writer everybody wants to hire, but how can they get to you if you are not accessible online. Building a reputation online goes far to determine how long your writing career would last. If you possess a blog or a website, create a section where you refer your satisfied clients to write a review of your services for the public to see. Be sure to only leave positive reviews, as negative reviews no matter how light they are, can spoil your freelance writing business. To establish credibility and get more visible online, you should:

1. Develop/create your own website – This gets you noticed more easily, and you can turn that same website into a spot where you promote your writing prowesses and get buyers.
2. Write great articles – Remember that you are a freelance writer that writes for money, so you need to write great and compelling articles that can captivate reader’s attention easily. And of course, before any client offers you a writing job, he would surely want to see samples of articles you have written, and that’s where these articles help.
3. The last but not the least, it to actively get involved in your online professional community. There are many communities online that houses freelance writers just like you. You can go out there to showcase your talents, learn more skills, and establish credibility.

Note: In this post, we have looked at some of the few ways you can establish credibility online as a freelance writer, but you should have in mind that there’s nothing more effective than a great piece of content. Always try not to compromise the quality of your work, and the sky will be your limit.