How to create an optimized Fiverr Gig that ranks well

For all Fiverr sellers, creating a gig that brings results is what really matters. When you create a gig that gets buried easily in Fiverr’s search engine, then it becomes useless, and is as good as none. This is the reason why you need to consider some factors when creating your new Fiverr gig in order to be found in Fiverr’s search engine. When your gig ranks well in Fiverr’s search engine, then you won’t need to bother again about finding clients, as it would send you continuous stream of sales that would be enough to keep you busy.

However, for the 4 years I have been on Fiverr, I have come to realize that no matter how well your gig ranks, it can get out of sight for some time and then bounce back again. There’s no need to panic. This is the main reason why you should never rely on a single gig. Try to create as many gigs as possible. Create multiple gigs for a single service you are selling. Like this, you will always find one of your gigs ranking well, and when it goes down; you will find another gig that will take its place. That’s the essence of having multiple gigs.

So, back to point, the tips below may be found very useful in creating a gig that will rank higher in Fiverr’s search engine:

  • Create gig multiples – This is very important. It is the single trick I have been using to get consistent sales on Fiverr. I don’t even use buyer request page nowadays due to the level of orders I get. There’s no way that you will create 10 gigs and none of them will rank high. No matter how bad you create them, at least one gig would be found in Fiverr’s search engine, and it can be enough to keep you busy. So, try to create gig multiples of the service you are offering. You don’t need to create gigs with the same title, and description. Create gigs that sell the same service but in a different way. Let’s take for example someone that’s into article writing. He may create 5 gigs as follows:
  1. I will write 500 words on anything
  2. I will write 500 words on health and fitness
  3. I will write 500 words on real estate
  4. I will create 400 words of quality content
  5. I will carve out a nice piece of content

The entire gig titles above are still writing gigs. And instead of limiting yourself to a single gig, expand your services to include more gigs. This will not only get you more exposure, but it’s certain to get you more orders.

  • Use the right tags – Tags really matter when creating your gig. I have seen people create gigs with absurd tags, and they just put in anything that comes to their mind. Have you ever wondered even for a second why Fiverr included the tag feature in their gig creation platform? You know they just can’t create it for nothing. It’s very useful, and it contributes to the overall ranking process of your gig. So how do you choose the right tags? While it is a wise idea to put in terms you think buyers would search when looking for a service you sell, it is best to make use of Fiverr’s search engine to find the best tags for your gig. You can achieve that by heading over to the search box and typing the main keyword of the service you provide without hitting enter. Take note of the suggestions you see under your main keyword, and then write them down. These suggestions you see are the main keywords people search for when looking for a service related to your keyword. So, try your best to make use of these keywords, not only as your tags, but in your description, and gig title if possible.


  • Add a video – This days, marketing is best done through the use of a video. Fiverr solely stated that adding a video to your gig could increase your sales by more than 200%. And of course you can’t deny that. A gig with a video is more likely to come up higher in Fiverr’s search engine than a gig without video. So, try as much as possible to add a video to each and every gig you create. You can do this by taking a shot of yourself presenting your service, or make an awesome whiteboard animation or Explainer video to describe your service. You can use the comment box below if you need help in creating a video for your gig. I may help.


  • Title always matters – This is one of the most important things when it comes to gig ranking. You can’t expect to find your gig with the title “I will create a whiteboard animation�? in Fiverr’s search results when you search for article writing. You can only see gigs with the keyword article writing in their title. This is the reason why you need to include your main keyword, and if possible a sub-keyword in your title. For someone who sells explainer videos, it would be perfect to have this title “I will create an awesome explainer video with voice over�? than this “I will create an awesome explainer video�?. This is because when people search for explainer videos, you would come up in search results. And when they search for explainer video with voice over, you will still come up in search results, and you will come up first than someone who just used “create an explainer video�? without adding sub-keyword voice over to his/her title.

Another trick I have seen sellers use is the capitalization of main keyword in gig title. Like this “I will create a 400 word ARTICLE�?. Many sellers have argued that it helps rank your gig better in search results. I personally haven’t used this, but I think it may help, since Fiverr limits sellers to using a single capitalized word in their gig title. And of course you know it can’t be for nothing.


  • Description – I think your gig’s description is also involved in Fiverr’s gig ranking process. So, you need to create descriptions that will include as many keywords as possible. But you should be cautious not to overdo it. Nevertheless, your gig description must remain concise and palatable to prospective buyers.


  • Reviews – This is probably the most important. If you have stayed for some time on Fiverr, then you should have known the importance of reviews by now. I personally think that more than 70% of Fiverr’s gig ranking processes are deduced from reviews. So, in order to get your gig afloat in Fiverr’s search results, you need to maintain those positive reviews, and do whatever it takes to avoid bad ratings. I personally had this one gig that wasn’t ranking at all, no views nor impressions. But immediately I got a single review on it, it shoots up to Fiverr’s top results for my keyword, and till today, it’s still one of my best performing gigs.

When you create a new gig, try to get a full 5-star review on it. You can ask a friend or a family member to buy your gig, and leave a positive review on it. Or you may create a custom offer from it and send it to one of your client that’s already buying from you, may be from your other gigs.



Well, those are just some of my few ways of creating optimized gigs that get found in Fiverr’s search results or gig categories. Check out my post on how to boost your Fiverr earnings by up to 200%

How do you rank your gigs? Use the comments box to get the discussion going!