How to boost your Fiverr earnings by up to 200%

As a freelancer who just started out on Fiverr, you must be looking for possible ways to boost your income. May be you have set up your gigs, shared them on social media, and have made some sales, but your earnings are still nothing to tell home about. This might get you frustrated, and make you even wanting to quit. Wait! Don’t quit, as Fiverr has the potential to make you rather rich! When I first started on Fiverr, I made less than $200 monthly, but with time, effort, and research, I now make at least a $1000 monthly, which is not bad as a residual income.

So let’s get to business. How do you boost your Fiverr earnings? Below are some tips that can actually increase your income in no time:

Offer quality services – This is the most important. As long as you don’t offer a service that provides value to buyers, you won’t get any sales. I have come across many people who often cry of earning very little with Fiverr, but when I check the services they offered, I realized it was their fault as they were selling low quality and poor services.

Use up your gig space – Yes! You heard me right. Whether you are a new seller, level 1 seller or level 2 seller, try to set up and run all the number of gigs allocated to you. This make you come up often in Fiverr’s search engine, which means more sales. Even if you offer just a single service as a gig, you can create the gig’s variables, by twisting and changing the title, description, video, prices, and delivery timeline.

Use gig extras – This is what many low-income Fiverr sellers fail to utilize. Gig extras alone can boost your earnings by up to 200%, and even more! If you are making whiteboard animation, you can choose to offer voice syncing, voice over creation, HD video quality, and extra fast delivery as extras. According to a research I conducted personally on my gigs, it showed “50% of buyers, who set their eyes on gig extras while processing their payment, add at least one option to their order.”

Sell easy services – Even if you are forced to sell your gigs for $5, mainly due to competition, you should offer services that won’t freak you out to deliver. Sell services that would take you less than 15 minutes do deliver for a $5 job. This means you will be able to handle more orders in less time.

Scale up your gigs prices – After I got some couple of excellent convincing reviews, I increased some of my gigs prices to up to $100. I priced some at $20, and others at $50, depending on the work intensity. Since I did this, my earnings have doubled. Even though I get fewer orders, I still earn more than I did when selling for $5, and I work less now. Doesn’t it sound great! You can try this out too!

Stay tuned to buyer request – For some time at my freelance career on Fiverr, buyer request was the only source of clients for me. And guess what! These clients pay even more than normal buyers who find you through the search engine. I was able to bank up to $700 a month using buyer request section alone on Fiverr. To achieve this, you will need to be always online to send out offers. Always send offers to high paying jobs only, and try to send a captivating offer that showcases your experience and professionalism. This will make clients running at your inbox, like hungry d*gs.

Well, above are just some of the few ways to boost your Fiverr income. You can use the comment box to ask questions, or suggest even more ways to boost your income.