How much does a freelance writer make?

This is actually one of the most frequent questions I get asked from people considering to kick-off their freelance career. A particular person just sent me a message requesting to know the exact amount he can make online every month as a freelance writer. Another message in my inbox reads “how much do article writers get paid”.

Well, let us be realistic – everyone have his/her own dream, and got bills to pay for, so I think it’s a good question to know whether what you are venturing into is worth your time or not.

In the freelance writing industry, I can boldly say that your earning potential is high. There are freelancers who make up to $50,000 monthly writing articles for clients online and there are those that can’t boost of mere $100 monthly. In essence, what I’m trying to illustrate here is that, your earning potential depends on many factors, some of which I will discuss below.

  • Quality – Yes! It’s definitely a determinant of how much you can make as a freelance writer. You must be able to provide quality and unique content in order to get clients coming your way. A grammatically correct and well-polished sentence would see you bump high amount of money into your bank account in no time. If you provide high quality content, there’s every chance your client will return, that’s more money to your pocket.

A well written 1000 word article can sell as high as $500, and as low as $20. It all depends on the platform you are using to get your clients. Let’s take for instance, you are a writer on Fiverr. As competitive as Fiverr is, your take home for a 1000 word article won’t exceed $50. Imagine! There are sellers on Fiverr who are offering to write a thousand word article for even $10. That’s a poor amount. So if you are starting on Fiverr, your earning potential wouldn’t be as high as someone who’s kicking off independently due to high competition. Most freelance writers on Fiverr sell a 500 word article for $5. If you write 5000 words a day, that’s just $50. And your monthly income would amount to $1500.


  • Timeline – This is also a determinant of how much you can earn online as a freelancer. If you have a fast hand, then that’s more money to your bank account, as you would be able to complete a client’s work in time, and even get more jobs. Most clients seeking for articles online do love a “fast job”, and can pay extra to get their work done in a shorter time.


  • Authority/Professionalism – You definitely can’t compare the cost and quality of an article written by a professional with that written by a lay man. If you decide to write articles that are within your course of specialization, then you’ll bank more money that when you write off-niche. Hiring a specialized individual for an hour writing or so do cost up to $200. Moreover, people do see you as a form of authority, and tend to be comfortable with your writing, and thus pay you higher.


  • Platform – Yes! I started talking about this above. And this is one of the most important factors. When starting out as a freelancer online, try to choose carefully on how to start. You can begin either independently, or start with third party freelancing sites that connect you to readily available clients. If you start independently, you will need to find clients yourself, but there’s this flexibility of payment, and it allows you to earn more. But if you start with freelancing sites such as fiverr, there’s a limitation to what you can quote clients. Even though clients are abundant in this kind of platforms, they have this attitude of requesting for a load of work for a little pay. And why is that so? It’s simply due to competition. If you request for a higher pay, a seller would abandon you and find another person who’s willing to do his work at your rejected rate. That’s competition for you.


Well, that’s all by the way. I was just trying to give you a tip of what earning as a freelance writer means. As long as you are determined, and possess good writing skills, then you can make a fortune from freelance writing, believe me! But it’s always good to make your research so as to avoid starting on the wrong path, as this is what kills most people’s freelance writing career.


Are you a freelance writer? Then feel free to share with us how much you earn working as a writer online using the comment box below. Thanks