Highest paying freelance jobs

It’s normal to ask yourself what the highest paying freelance jobs are. Whether you are already into freelancing, or getting ready to become a freelancer, it’s important that you find a job that pays well!

Starting your freelance career on the wrong way can be very frustrating. You might have many skills, but in freelancing it’s always better you go for a specialization.

Lets say you have graphics design skills, video animation skills, translation and marketing skills, and you decide to become a freelancer. If you choose to offer all the skills you have as services, then you will look unprofessional to buyers/clients, the reason why you need to specialize in specific areas. Like this, clients will see you as an authority and professional in that particular area. If I’m the one who got those skills, I will offer graphics design, and video animations, instead of combining all of them together. If you take a look, graphics design and video animation go hand-in-hand.


Well, enough of that. I was just trying to explain how specializing in particular areas can make your freelance journey fruitful and stress-free. Back to our subject matter, you should always go for your skill that pays off better. Like I said above, I will go for graphics design and video animations if I were the one with the above skills, why? Because they pay better than translation and marketing services.
So now, what are the best paying freelance jobs/opportunities?
Today, you can sell almost any of your skills online. Even bizarre ideas you can think of do sell easily. But the problem is what sells higher? If you’ve got many skills, then it’s better you sell does that pay best, so you don’t get under-paid. Below are some of the best freelance jobs in the market:
  • Design
Design skills sell like wild fire both offline and online. If you got any design skills, whether web designing or graphics designing, then you have a great potential of making huge amounts of money working as a freelancer. With the amounts of businesses coming online these days, design jobs are always on-the-go. These businesses will need a website, a logo, a banner, a brochure, a flyer, a business card, and lots more. These are all services a designer can provide easily. You can see the potential in design jobs. For me, I think it’s one of the best freelance careers you can start online.
  • Writing
Yes! Writing is one of the jobs you can’t afford to miss online. However, you will need to have powerful and commanding writing skills to succeed in this field. Also, in most cases, English as a first language does matter. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make money writing online if English is not your first language. As long as you know how to write grammatically correct sentences in a logical format, then the sky will be your limit. Writing opportunities you can find online ranges from blog post, press release, academic research, resume and CV writing, and so on. What I love the most about freelance writing is its consistent nature. As long as you offer great services, you’ll keep on getting clients for life!
Some writing jobs do pay as high as $50 per 500 words. Lets do the maths! If you write just 1000 words in an hour which is relatively easy to do, then you’ll be banking $100 per hour. If you work for just 5 hours a day, then you’ll be taking home an average of $15000 monthly. That’s a good amount, one you can hardly find working offline.
  • Video animations
I love creating video animations, they are just fun and easy to create! And yes! They pay very well. I do charge $100 for a minute video animation which will take about 1-2 hours to complete. The video animation can be in form of explainer 2d videos, 3d typography, whiteboard animations, and Powerpoint presentations. With the growing digital world, videos are now the best marketing techniques, so businesses are always demanding for videos to promote their product and services. Video animation services is a wide market you can dive into and make sales almost instantly. There are always in demand.
As long as you have got some skills in Adobe after effects, Adobe illustrator, Adobe premier, Camtasia studio, and other relevant softwares, then you are good to go. In fact, even if you don’t have skills in any of the above softwares, there are new and great products out there that can let you create video animations in minutes just like a professional. With softwares like Easysketch Pro and Videoscribe, you can create whiteboard animations in minutes without a helping hand, no matter how new you are into the system. Other softwares like Explaindio video creator and VideomakerFx, can create you awesome explainer videos with the power of just a click. If you subscribe or stay tuned to this blog, we’ll be sharing ways on how to make use of these softwares best, and which one to go for.
  • Online marketing and SEO
Today, we are now in a world where almost everybody’s online. So, to reach people out there in an effective manner, online marketing is the way out. Businesses do need professional online marketers on a consistent if not permanent basis to help promote their brand or product online. They are always looking for experts who can effectively manage their online marketing campaign to yield better results. If you are good in marketing, communication, and branding, clients will knock at your door always. And the best thing is that the job pays well. On an average basis, managing a company’s online marketing campaign can earn you 1000s of USD weekly.
On the other hand, search engine optimization is also on the rise. With small businesses coming online to face severe competition, there comes a need of a professional to help rank their websites on the top of search engines. If you are good with SEO, you can get mouth watery deals of up to $1000 to optimize a client’s website. The more results you achieve, the higher your pay!
  • Programming and mobile Apps development
Coding is a just another language, if you understand it, then you’ve lots of earning potential online. Due to high earning potential of this freelancing area, it is gradually becoming saturated, and clients are looking for only the best hands for their jobs. So, in order to succeed in this freelance area, you will need to have a good portfolio showcasing your best works that can convince any doubting client.
Mobile Apps development is another lucrative freelancing aspect of programming. Businesses are always looking for best ways to be found easily and on the go! They are willing to pay a few thousand dollars to get a mobile App created for them that will accommodate mobile surfing trend. If you are good at this, then you will bank lots of money using this skill alone!
The above are just a few of the best paying freelance jobs online. Others worth mentioning are translation and transcription services, photography, audio and video editing, and voice acting.
Feel free to use the comment box to suggest other high paying freelance jobs on the internet.