4 Tips that can make your new freelance writing career a success

There are many freelance writing opportunities out there, but it requires some level of skill and knowledge in order to make maximum use of them. Without the right skills and proper strategy, you are likely to lose track fast and end up feeling like a loser. Yes! Freelance writing is no joke! To me, it’s one of the most hardest and time consuming aspect of freelancing, as it can send you going nuts easily. Without much ado, below are some great tips that can help you achieve success during the beginning/starting phase of your freelance writing career:

Assess your skills – It is important that you evaluate the level of your skills before tumbling into the freelance writing marketplace. These are the services you are offering to the public, so you need to make sure it’s something clients will pay for without any hesitation.

Find your interest – This goes hand-in-hand with your skill set. You should try to find jobs that interest you best. Ask yourself what you love doing the most, and then go for it. There are different types of freelance writing jobs out there, and some of them include: press release, blog writing, marketing info, email newsletters, articles, ebook writing and so on. Pick the one you love the most, as experts believe that you will be able to write more perfectly and easily on it. With time, as your writing skills improve, you’ll be able to expand on all kind of writing jobs, but at first, try to stick to your interest.

Go online – After you have analysed your skill and interest, then it’s time to get yourself out there. Go online and search the web actively for freelance jobs. You can begin by setting up your website and promoting it to prospective clients, or by joining third party freelance websites. Register with only popular and trusted freelance websites at first. Go through these websites and see what other freelance writers with the same interest as you are offering. Study their services, and then replicate their move. It’s always important that you offer something/service more unique than other freelance writers at first. Competition is always on the increase, and if you don’t offer something that interest the buyer the most, then you should be ready for a disappointing start.

Introduce your services – If you are starting out independently and not with third party websites, then it’s necessary that you set up a website. This website will serve as a spot where you advertise your skills and services to prospective clients. You will need to introduce the service you offer in a captivating and convincing manner. Show a client what he stands to gain using your service, and what’s unique about your service that others are not offering. You are also expected to show samples of your work in order to convince a client even more. Yes! Clients do have their plights. You can imagine if you were in their shoes, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to buy a half-baked or poor service.